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Altpov.radio Broadcast # 22 – Sam Osmanagic, Ph.D. – Bosnian Pyramids

semir_osmanagicIn 2005, Dr. Sam Osmanagic, Bosnian-born researcher and sociologist, discovered an ancient pyramidal complex in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It consists of five colossal stone structures in the shape of the pyramid with an extensive pre-historical underground tunnel network. From the outset of this discovery, Dr. Osmanagic has been attacked by mainstream scientists and the power elite.

Why? Because the implications of this incredible discovery are far-reaching and threaten to change the way we view human history, energy sources and the linear progress of civilizations we’ve been taught to believe.

bosnian_pyramid_fullWhat if, based on the evidence collected from the Bosnian Pyramids, there are unlimited quantities of free and healing energy at our disposal? And what if the ancient civilizations that built these pyramids were actually more advanced than we are today? No, they didn’t have cell phones, but they were more in tune with earth energies and spirit, which enabled them to create advanced technologies by tapping into readily available resources with which modern man has lost touch.

Tune in to altPOV. radio broadcast # 22 tonight as host Jack Roth interviews Dr. Osmanagic and you will never look at ancient civilizations and mainstream archaeology the same way again.