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Was There An Apollo 20 Mission?

William Rutledge

In 2007, William Rutledge, a retired NASA mission specialist currently living in Africa, revealed some amazing facts about his involvement with two missions to the moon, the failed Apollo 19 and Apollo 20, which he says was launched in August 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Apollo 20 Mission Patch
Apollo 20 Mission Patch

According to Rutledge, both of these missions were highly classified joint space missions resulting from collaborations between U.S. and Soviet governments. In other words, the general public had, and still has, no idea these missions ever took place.

Alien craft superimposed over New York City to show scale

The purpose of these missions was to investigate a large alien spacecraft (3,370 meters long and 500 meters high!) on the far side of the moon in the Delporte-Izsak region, allegedly discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission. The photo to the right shows the alien craft on the lunar surface and then superimposed onto New York City. NASA supposed that the craft either crashed or was abandoned on the moon in ancient times.

Alexei Leonov, Soviet cosmonaut
Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

Rutledge claims that he and Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov landed a Lunar Module  near the alien ship and actually entered it. Certain artifacts were discovered and recovered, including two bodies alleged to be the pilots. One was very well preserved and appeared to be female. The second body was badly deteriorated and only the head was retrieved.

Alien female recovered from the craft

The alleged photographs and video of the mission specialists actually examining the female body have made their rounds on the Internet in recent years, and, as you can only imagine, this story remains highly controversial. For most people, it’s just too unbelievable to be true.

Video still of Rutledge aboard alien craft
Video still of Rutledge aboard alien craft

Believing that NASA conducted top secret, joint U.S./Soviet missions to the moon in the early 1970’s is hard enough for people to wrap their heads around, but the fact that these missions took place in order to explore an ancient alien craft  on the lunar surface strains credulity for most people, even true believers.

Strange writing found aboard alien craft
Strange writing found aboard alien craft

However, this story has never been debunked outright, and the images and video associated with it are eerily authentic looking, especially the NASA photographs of the craft on the lunar surface. Eighty-year-old Alexei Leonov certainly isn’t talking, and why William Rutledge did remains a mystery to this day. Maybe, already in the twilight of his life, he decided he was no longer going to keep such an important event a secret.

Images of alien craft taken during Apollo 15 mission
Images of alien craft taken during Apollo 15 mission

Until official UFO/alien disclosure occurs, we may never know if these secret missions took place. Debunkers tend to state that the images and video associated with this story are obviously fake, but they offer little to confirm these allegations. But if you simply refuse to believe something, no evidence in the world is going to convince you of its authenticity anyway.

Hopefully, one day soon, we will have more information to share regarding this mind-blowing tale.

Disclosure in 2015? Stephen Bassett has a plan

Stephen Bassett
Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett has a plan, and boy did he present it emphatically at last weekend’s StarworksUSA UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada.

One slide in his presentation said it all:

Disclosure: February 2015?

Whoa! Say what? After the murmur in the room subsided, Stephen Bassett brought the audience up to speed with the activities underway that are leading to this reality.

Stephen Bassett’s
3 moves to disclosure

Before outlining his three moves, Bassett talked about the awareness that led to this point in time, including the release of the COMETA Report in 2000 (which encouraged the release of government documents about UFOs from 16 countries over the last 14 years), Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project press conference at the National Press Club in May 2001 (which lost its momentum a few months later after 9/11), astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s testimony and former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer’s admissions, among others. The path was indeed prepared for Bassett’s most recent efforts, which he believes will lead to the end of the truth embargo within the next few months.

Accelerating this possibility is an unprecedented level of awareness and acceptance, which Bassett emphasized with these insights:

    • 20 percent of the global population
      believes aliens live among us.
    • 80 percent of US citizens believe
      the government is not telling the truth.
    • 2 percent of the population
      has experienced contact.

Think about that last one for a minute. In the U.S. alone, that’s 1.6 million people. Expand that globally, and we’re talking about 70 million citizens who are contactees. That’s an awful lot of tinfoil hats, wouldn’t you say?

The proverbial skids have been greased, so what happens next or is already happening to lead to disclosure? That’s when Steven Bassett unveiled the three-move win — two of which have already occurred and the third is underway.

Move #1: The Petition

At first, Stephen Bassett expressed significant disappointment to the White House’s response to two separate petitions, with a combined 17,465 signatures, requesting acknowledgement of disclosure.

You can read the entire White House response here, but Bassett specifically refers to this statement:

“The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

“The response is a lie,” said Bassett. “They could have said, ‘ETs are here, but we’ll have to get back to you.’ Instead, they delivered an absolute lie. An indefensible lie.”

He stated more than 60 years of science and evidence easily refutes that statement, and he pondered for a moment that it was idiotic to even say as much. The White House could have avoided using language like “no evidence” or “no credible information” but they went there. And that’s where Bassett thinks maybe, just maybe, it was intentional.

He even went so far as to say it was “genius” if, indeed, it was intentional, suggesting it was a “gift to the disclosure community” that would help accelerate demand for a congressional hearing. “It was either really stupid or really smart,” he concluded.

Move #2: Citizens Hearing
on Disclosure

“Nothing I have been involved in my entire life has come close to receiving the response this event has received,” said Bassett.

The Citizen Hearing for Disclosure, a mock hearing held in Washington, D.C., April 29-May 3, 2013, was conducted with six former members of Congress and yielded more than 30 hours of testimony from 40 witnesses.

“It was truly amazing because the panel of representatives we hired had no idea what was coming,” said, Chase Kloetzky, a full-time ufology field investigator who accompanied Bassett to the hearing. “When we started, every panel member was expressionless, expecting to hear a few stories from a handful of people. By the end of the first day, they were fully engaged, expressing disbelief and outraged that this information was not getting the attention it deserved from the government. By the end of the week, they clearly understood the importance of our mission. I was honored to be there.”

After the hearings, which were streamed live on the web, Bassett was inundated with messages of support from all over the world.

“We’ve made progress globally,” he said, “but no comment from our government. … Yet.”

Which brings us to Bassett’s anticipated checkmate move …

Move #3: Congressional
Hearing Initiative

This masterful move would make Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky and even Deep Blue proud. The Citizen Hearing was the setup move, and now Stephen Bassett is going in for the kill move — the Congressional Hearing Initiative — which is a three-act process in itself.

First Act: #disclosure tweet storm. The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD set was mailed to all 538 members of Congress on Nov. 5, and Bassett expected the DVDs would begin arriving on desks this week.

And now — right now — is the time for a tweet storm. Bassett created the website to instruct the masses how to deliver an onslaught of social media messages to Congress, encouraging members to take the Citizen Hearing seriously and escalate the need for a congressional hearing.

The website gives detailed instructions on how to engage Congress and includes suggested messages to drive home these three points:

      1. Review the record on the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.
      2. Meet with Stephen Bassett to discuss the Citizen Hearing.
      3. Hold the hearing immediately so scores of military/agency/political witnesses can testify under oath confirming an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

“Now is the time,” said Bassett on Saturday. “#disclosure is currently trending at 2,000 tweets per hour, and we’d like to see that get up to 10,000 within the next two weeks.”

If the people engage, the social media outreach will get members of Congress talking with staff throughout December, setting up the next step.

Second Act: Meetings in Washington. Stephen Bassett will be spending January on Capitol Hill, meeting with every member of Congress he can.

“The social media storm will open doors,” said Bassett, “and we’ll be there to walk through them.”

Bassett explained that the president will be the one who announces disclosure, but he doesn’t think we have to wait until after a congressional hearing for that to happen.

“This strategy is not about Congress, it’s not about the hearing and it’s not about the president ” said Bassett. “It’s about the press. It has always been about the press.”

Third Act: Media frenzy. According to Bassett, the social media campaign is so important because it sets up the meetings in January, and if the meetings are plentiful, there’s a chance the media will catch wind of a potential congressional hearing on disclosure.

“Once the media hears about this, they will respond,” said Bassett. “Every agency in D.C. has a spokesperson, and they all will be grilled about a possible hearing. When that happens, game over.”

Bassett explained that no agency will want to answer these questions daily, which will amplify the asking of even more questions, which eventually will force President Obama to meet with the Pentagon to discuss a post-disclosure plan that protects US national security.

“That’s when President Obama will walk to the podium and deliver the news,” said Bassett. “The truth embargo will end in February.”

Stephen Bassett’s convictions were obvious throughout the conference — during his presentation, when he was on a panel and when he was talking to attendees in the hallways. He repeated over and over “now is the time” and his expectations are extremely high that citizens will visit and do their part in driving disclosure.

The time is now, and you can play a role in ensuring disclosure occurs in February 2015.

Thoughts from Laughlin: From inspiration to awareness to action


This is only the second UFO conference I’ve been to; the first being the International UFO Congress in 2010 right here in Laughlin at the very same Aquarius Casino Resort. The difference between the two is as wide as the gap between believers and debunkers.

Why? The last conference was a celebration of experiencers and their renowned stories. The old guard had amazing stories to tell — albeit the same ones they told the same way at every conference they attend. I know this not from first-hand experience but from talking to attendees at this year’s conference, many of whom came to Laughlin annually to hear the same contactees talk about the same stories again and again at the International UFO Congress annual event. These repeat attendees have noticed a difference, too, and they are thrilled the conference has gone to a new level by focusing on the future and the role consciousness will play in the journey of awareness and acceptance of what’s next.

One repeat attendee shared with me this morning that this is not what she anticipated when she decided to attend. “I was expecting more of an emphasis on ufology. Instead, this has been a conference about the heart, head and soul and the role all play in guiding us to where we go next. I’m thrilled.”

I couldn’t agree more. Most sessions I’ve attended have focused on extraterrestrial phenomena but more about what it all means and what our role is in the evolution of humanity — whether it’s advancing the effort for disclosure or understanding the soul journey and our connection to source. The overriding message is that our ascension to what’s next — whatever that may be — is driven from within. Our intentions and actions and thoughts and desires and willingness to accept all come from the heart and from our essence, not from external influences. The minute we open our minds to the possibilities of who we are, where we came from and why we’re here, we — as individuals and a species — will manifest change immediately. But that’s easier said than done. As a friend once told me “writing poems is easy, living them is hard,” and that sage advice applies here.

Just talking about the value and role that consciousness plays in where we go from here is meaningless unless we, as individuals, apply what we learn. Speakers and books and websites and films can only inspire. Transformation occurs after we motivate ourselves into action — which isn’t easy. We have to be exposed to ideas that resonate, then we have to expand our knowledge and awareness on the subject before we can move from intent to action. But the gap between intent and action widens every day we move further from the moment of inspiration. The good news is the groundswell of action by those truly engaged has been shared by presenters like Regina Meredith, Andrea Perron, Stephen Bassett and Grant Cameron. They have illustrated the value that action has in advancing an idea to a point of awareness and eventual acceptance.

The melding of “contact” and consciousness created a level of energy in the conference center that was missing the last time I was here. Before it was a lot of old-timers patting each other on the back as they shared war stories and attendees treated them like rock stars. This conference has an air of — dare I say it? — love. I have witnessed a lot of hugging and tears, and I’ve received hugs from people I’ve never met but feel strongly connected to in this moment.

The big question: Will this momentary and overflowing positive energy continue to inspire and motivate attendees to inquire and learn about the role consciousness plays in our existence? I think it’s time to start living those poems. reporting from Laughlin UFO Conference

Laughlin UFO conference will be attending and covering the “Back to the Future: Nostalgia, UFOs and Consciousness” conference at the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada, this Friday through Sunday, Nov. 14-16.

What do we mean by “covering” the Laughlin UFO conference? We will absorb as much as possible so we can report the event experience to those unable to attend. If you live in the Southwest, we hope you can make it to the Laughlin UFO conference, which has an impressive lineup of speakers, including friends of Paola Harris, Yvonne Smith and Jaime Maussan, as well as Stephen Bassett, the driving force behind the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and  Coast to Coast’s  George Noory. The complete listing of presenters and conference schedule can be found here.

During the three-day conference, will be providing insight and commentary via blogs and social media, as well as broadcasting live via Google Hangouts on Air each day of the show. We will provide more details on broadcasts before the event kicks off on Friday.

Because we’re attending on behalf of our followers, we want to know what you would like to see during our time at the Laughlin UFO conference. Please review the schedule and drop us a line with questions and we’ll do our best to find the answers.

By attending the conference and bringing information directly to you, we hope you’ll share the info you find most interesting. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the Laughlin UFO conference with you!


The Mt. Popocatepetl Mexico UFO Prophecy

By Ruben Uriarte, Guest Blogger

Mt. Popo
Mt. Popocatepetl

It has been my good fortune to visit UFO hotspots in Mexico over the past years and to talk to many Mexican UFO investigators and eyewitnesses. My interest in the Mexico UFO experience began in the mid-1990s when I served as a researcher, guide and translator for Beyond Boundaries, a tour company that specialized in taking people to areas of high UFO activity throughout the world, including Mexico.

There have been numerous reports by many people living near Mt. Popocatepetl, an active volcano, that have observed seeing strange objects flying in and out of the volcano’s crater. Some people have speculated that there is a hidden alien base located somewhere deep within the mountain. The name Popocatepetl comes from the Aztec Nahuatl words popōca “it smokes” and tepētl “mountain,” thus Smoking Mountain.

Claudio Gonzalez being interviewed by Ruben Uriarte and other researchers.

We met several contactees during the 1996 expedition, including a young boy named Claudio Gonzalez, in the small town of Atlimiyaya. This town was famous for its trout fisheries and restaurants, and it also happens to be located near Mt. Popocatepetl

Claudio told us that three years earlier in 1993, he and a friend saw three small beings while they were herding goats. The boys were sitting along a rock ledge when suddenly a bright, intense light appeared. The goats became very frightened and formed a protective circle. Claudio said he was able to see three small beings wearing tight fitting clothing. He described them as having large heads, strange faces and no mouths. He described one of the beings as having strange markings on its head and a small beard or growth of fine hair on its chin. He said that the bearded beings spoke “telepathically” to him and his friend. Claudio heard and felt a garbled voice within his head. The bearded being said that they were there to protect the mountain and prevent the “others” from erupting the volcano.

During the telepathic link, the being also revealed to Claudio a future event that caused Claudio great puzzlement. The bearded being said that there would be a “war” in New York. As Claudio had limited education and had never been outside his village, he did not know anything about New York. The being also revealed that the “war” would cause the entire world to go “on alert.”

World Trade Center
World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

When I interviewed Claudio in 1996, I thought that the being was referring to the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Obviously, after the 2001 attack, my assessment of the mysterious prophecy delivered to Claudio has changed. It’s now clear to me that the beings may have been foretelling the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

A month later, while his home one evening, a large beam of light came from the sky and lit up Claudio’s entire home. His father and mother were terrified and told the children to remain in the house.

The “Strange Universe” was a paranormal television show that originally aired from 1996 to 1997. The show presented “The Mexico Files” or “MEX Files,” a series on the UFO phenomenon in Mexico. The film crew went and interviewed Claudio about his encounters and the strange prophecy.

This story is one of many unusual experiences that I had while traveling in Mexico investigating reports of UFOs and other high strangeness.

Ruben Uriarte BWRuben Uriarte is a UFO researcher and author who has spent several decades investigating UFO crash sites and other UFO phenomena in the Southwest United States and Mexico. He has written several books, including Mexico’s Roswell, Aliens in the Forest and the Coyame Incident.

‘One of the most exciting UFO stories of this or any year’

Ariel School UFO

The headline quotes the late Cynthia Hind describing the September 16, 1994, Ariel School UFO sighting in Zimbabwe, Africa, where 62 students witnessed UFOs and alien beings during a mid-morning recess. A recent article on Africa’s Mail & Guardian website — “Remembering Zimbabwe’s Great Alien Invasion” — presents a review of this event and the response to it from one of the eyewitnesses in the present day. If it wasn’t for Hind’s involvement in this case, this profound experience might never have been widely reported.

Hind, who died from cancer in 2000, was Africa’s leading UFO researcher and reporter in the latter part of the 20th century. From 1988 to 2000, she published 22 editions of UFO Afrinews, a series of booklets where she documented unexplained events throughout the country. The entire collection of UFO Afrinews booklets is available here in pdf format — well worth reading for Hind’s intellectual, analytical and emotional approach to the unknown. She took particular interest in the Ariel School UFO case and documented the experience in issue No. 11 and issue No. 12 of UFO Afrinews. Upon hearing of the sighting, she asked the headmaster to have students draw what they saw, and 35 drawings awaited Hind when she arrived to investigate. It’s well worth clicking the links to read the children’s testimony and see the drawings.

Hind also was responsible for alerting renowned ufologist Dr. John E. Mack about this fascinating case. Mack visited the school for two days in 1994 and interviewed the children, teachers, administrators and parents. Hours and hours of video footage was captured during Mack’s visit to document witness testimony for future review and analysis. A decade later, after Mack was struck and killed by a drunk driver while walking home in 2004, his friends and supporters created the John E. Mack Institute to preserve Mack’s work and encourage others to seek the truth. One such project was to be a documentary film about the Ariel School UFO sighting, which, unfortunately, never was completed.

However, a YouTube video, which appears to be a mish-mash of Mack’s numerous interviews with the children, along with interviews conducted in the late 2000s for the documentary, does exist. It clocks in at over two hours, but it presents an abundance of eyewitness accounts, which adds tremendous credibility to the case due to the corroborative testimony. You can watch the Ariel School UFO video here.

As expected, when children are involved, the sightings weren’t taken too seriously by adults. Mack cautioned parents and teachers not to accuse the children of lying and encouraged them to let the children share what they saw and how it made them feel. Sage advice for all, both then and today.

Top 10 places in the world to see a UFO

Extraterrestrial Highway UFO

If you’ve ever wondered where in the world you should go to get a glimpse of a UFO, these top 10 destinations should be added to your UFO sightseeing bucket list. The list was created by Radio Times in a recent blog post. Without further ado, here is their top 10 locations (click on the links for more info about each location):

1. California, USA

More UFO sightings than any other state in the U.S. (check out this cool map). And maybe, just maybe, that has something to do with the state also being the most populated. Hmm.

2. Warminster, England

Cradle Hill is the place to be for skywatching in this sleepy little haven in Southern England that has reported activity dating back to the 1961 UFO trail of sparks event.

3. Nazca City, Peru

It’s all about the massive geoglyphs, or Nazca Lines, and the head-scratching question: Why are they there? Are they a message to the “gods” or landing beacons along a runway for UFOs?

4. The Falkirk Triangle, Scotland

With around 300 sightings reported each year, the town of Bonnybridge, just southwest of the River Forth, is indeed a UFO hotspot.

5. The Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada

It’s all about aliens and UFOs when traveling along Highway 375. This 98.6 mile highway was renamed “The Extraterrestrial Highway” due to its proximity to the infamous Area 51.

6. UFO Trail, Chile

Rumored to be a landing destination for UFOs, the 19-mile trail has been making a name for itself over the past 20 or so years. According to the Radio Times post, many folks in the region have stories to tell about their unusual sightings.

7. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico’s meteoric rise as a global destination started during a 1991 solar eclipse when there were multiple sightings in the capital city, which included friend of Jaime Maussan.  The country is gaining more and more popularity about UFO sightings because the government has released information about what they have encountered in the sky.

8. Wycliffe Well, Australia

Hundreds of sightings have occurred at the Well, a tourist park in Australia’s Northern Territory, since WWII. It’s in the middle of nowhere with unobstructed 360 degree views — ideal for skywatching.

9. Broad Haven, Wales

Fourteen children supposedly witnessed a UFO in the sky over the grounds of the Broadhaven Primary School in 1977. Other sightings followed, and the tiny town on the Celtic Sea was thrust into the UFO limelight.

10. Sochi, Russia

And you thought its claim to fame was the 2014 Winter Olympics! The Black Sea resort has had numerous sightings, including a claim from a UFO hunter that he has proof.

What’s “that thing” in the sky? A UFO?

It's a rhetorical question when we see something unusual in the sky. More times than not, though, we brush it off or try to explain it away vs. pausing for a moment to wonder if the object is indeed a UFO. The video below has some added credibility because the object in the sky hung around long enough for the witnesses to call the police, who then called a few more officers to witness "that thing" in the sky.

This makes us wonder, have you ever witnessed something that you thought, at the time, was nothing only to think now, "hmmm … that might have been a UFO"?

abc27 WHTM

Must-watch video: Paul Hellyer

If you're looking for convincing UFO testimony, Paul Hellyer, former defense minister of Canada, answered the following when asked "why do you say that UFOs are as real as airplanes flying over our heads?":

Because I know that they are. As a matter of fact, they've been visiting our planet for thousands of years. And one of the cases that would interest you most if you give me two or three minutes to answer is that during the Cold War, in 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia across Europe, and Supreme Allied Command was very concerned and about ready to press the "panic" button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for 3 years and they decided that, with absolute certainty, four species – at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years.

The lengthy interview is worth listening or reading the transcript at: