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Thoughts from Laughlin: From inspiration to awareness to action


This is only the second UFO conference I’ve been to; the first being the International UFO Congress in 2010 right here in Laughlin at the very same Aquarius Casino Resort. The difference between the two is as wide as the gap between believers and debunkers.

Why? The last conference was a celebration of experiencers and their renowned stories. The old guard had amazing stories to tell — albeit the same ones they told the same way at every conference they attend. I know this not from first-hand experience but from talking to attendees at this year’s conference, many of whom came to Laughlin annually to hear the same contactees talk about the same stories again and again at the International UFO Congress annual event. These repeat attendees have noticed a difference, too, and they are thrilled the conference has gone to a new level by focusing on the future and the role consciousness will play in the journey of awareness and acceptance of what’s next.

One repeat attendee shared with me this morning that this is not what she anticipated when she decided to attend. “I was expecting more of an emphasis on ufology. Instead, this has been a conference about the heart, head and soul and the role all play in guiding us to where we go next. I’m thrilled.”

I couldn’t agree more. Most sessions I’ve attended have focused on extraterrestrial phenomena but more about what it all means and what our role is in the evolution of humanity — whether it’s advancing the effort for disclosure or understanding the soul journey and our connection to source. The overriding message is that our ascension to what’s next — whatever that may be — is driven from within. Our intentions and actions and thoughts and desires and willingness to accept all come from the heart and from our essence, not from external influences. The minute we open our minds to the possibilities of who we are, where we came from and why we’re here, we — as individuals and a species — will manifest change immediately. But that’s easier said than done. As a friend once told me “writing poems is easy, living them is hard,” and that sage advice applies here.

Just talking about the value and role that consciousness plays in where we go from here is meaningless unless we, as individuals, apply what we learn. Speakers and books and websites and films can only inspire. Transformation occurs after we motivate ourselves into action — which isn’t easy. We have to be exposed to ideas that resonate, then we have to expand our knowledge and awareness on the subject before we can move from intent to action. But the gap between intent and action widens every day we move further from the moment of inspiration. The good news is the groundswell of action by those truly engaged has been shared by presenters like Regina Meredith, Andrea Perron, Stephen Bassett and Grant Cameron. They have illustrated the value that action has in advancing an idea to a point of awareness and eventual acceptance.

The melding of “contact” and consciousness created a level of energy in the conference center that was missing the last time I was here. Before it was a lot of old-timers patting each other on the back as they shared war stories and attendees treated them like rock stars. This conference has an air of — dare I say it? — love. I have witnessed a lot of hugging and tears, and I’ve received hugs from people I’ve never met but feel strongly connected to in this moment.

The big question: Will this momentary and overflowing positive energy continue to inspire and motivate attendees to inquire and learn about the role consciousness plays in our existence? I think it’s time to start living those poems.