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Was There An Apollo 20 Mission?

William Rutledge

In 2007, William Rutledge, a retired NASA mission specialist currently living in Africa, revealed some amazing facts about his involvement with two missions to the moon, the failed Apollo 19 and Apollo 20, which he says was launched in August 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Apollo 20 Mission Patch
Apollo 20 Mission Patch

According to Rutledge, both of these missions were highly classified joint space missions resulting from collaborations between U.S. and Soviet governments. In other words, the general public had, and still has, no idea these missions ever took place.

Alien craft superimposed over New York City to show scale

The purpose of these missions was to investigate a large alien spacecraft (3,370 meters long and 500 meters high!) on the far side of the moon in the Delporte-Izsak region, allegedly discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission. The photo to the right shows the alien craft on the lunar surface and then superimposed onto New York City. NASA supposed that the craft either crashed or was abandoned on the moon in ancient times.

Alexei Leonov, Soviet cosmonaut
Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

Rutledge claims that he and Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov landed a Lunar Module  near the alien ship and actually entered it. Certain artifacts were discovered and recovered, including two bodies alleged to be the pilots. One was very well preserved and appeared to be female. The second body was badly deteriorated and only the head was retrieved.

Alien female recovered from the craft

The alleged photographs and video of the mission specialists actually examining the female body have made their rounds on the Internet in recent years, and, as you can only imagine, this story remains highly controversial. For most people, it’s just too unbelievable to be true.

Video still of Rutledge aboard alien craft
Video still of Rutledge aboard alien craft

Believing that NASA conducted top secret, joint U.S./Soviet missions to the moon in the early 1970’s is hard enough for people to wrap their heads around, but the fact that these missions took place in order to explore an ancient alien craft  on the lunar surface strains credulity for most people, even true believers.

Strange writing found aboard alien craft
Strange writing found aboard alien craft

However, this story has never been debunked outright, and the images and video associated with it are eerily authentic looking, especially the NASA photographs of the craft on the lunar surface. Eighty-year-old Alexei Leonov certainly isn’t talking, and why William Rutledge did remains a mystery to this day. Maybe, already in the twilight of his life, he decided he was no longer going to keep such an important event a secret.

Images of alien craft taken during Apollo 15 mission
Images of alien craft taken during Apollo 15 mission

Until official UFO/alien disclosure occurs, we may never know if these secret missions took place. Debunkers tend to state that the images and video associated with this story are obviously fake, but they offer little to confirm these allegations. But if you simply refuse to believe something, no evidence in the world is going to convince you of its authenticity anyway.

Hopefully, one day soon, we will have more information to share regarding this mind-blowing tale. broadcast #20 — Halloween Special: Ghosts of New Orleans

To celebrate Halloween, Jack Roth and Jon Sumple take a trip down memory lane and share their paranormal experiences while filming a pilot for a television show based on ghosts of New Orleans. They discuss Maxwell’s Jazz Cabaret lovers Nico and Anna Maria, Crescent City Bookstore and the moving lens-cap, the apothecary (the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum) and the taste of blood, and the Ashley House and several incidents, including Bobby, the twins, the heart attack and the mad entity that asked us “What are you doing here?”

We also discuss the Boyd Bushman video making the rounds on YouTube and social media, as well as the upcoming Starworks USA conference in Laughlin, Nevada — Back to the Future: Nostalgia, UFOs and Consciousness — November 14-16, 2014.

Revisiting Gettysburg’s Ghosts – Devil’s Den

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
The original photograph. Notice the white figure in the background center portion of the frame.

In podcast # 16, Jon Sumple and I talked about the five most “haunted” spots on the Gettysburg battlefield. One of those places was Devil’s Den, and I mentioned a photograph I had taken in that area. The photograph, which was taken with a NIKON film camera, clearly shows an apparitional form that appears to be walking through the woods.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share this photograph and go into more detail about it. While walking through the huge boulders in Devil’s Den on that particular day, I was compelled to walk into the wooded area to the south of where the heavy fighting took place on July 2, 1863. I felt a profound sense of peace in this area, and my intuition told me to take a photograph of what was in front of me. I did, not thinking much of it, as I continued to enjoy this particular location’s peaceful ambiance.

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
Close up of white figure in photo. Notice the hat, long garment and bag.

When I developed the film, I noticed something strange in one of the images and knew immediately it didn’t belong there. When I looked closer, I could see a luminescent white figure and knew I had captured something paranormal in nature. At first glance, it looked like a figure of a person walking with some type of satchel or small suitcase in one hand. This “person” also appeared to be wearing a hat and a dress, which made me surmise that it was a woman.

I immediately went about trying to find some historical context for the photograph. Why would a woman be walking in a field with a bag? If it was during the time of the battle, why would a woman be in the field at all? What I learned was both enlightening and exciting as it applied to the strange photograph.

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
The huge boulders that define Devil’s Den. The wooded area in the background is where I took the photograph.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, at night when the fighting had subsided, nurses and doctors would search the fields for wounded soldiers in need of assistance. They usually held a lantern in one hand and a bag full of medicines (satchel) in the other. At Gettysburg, the carnage was so great that wounded men often lay where they fell for days before receiving any help.

I now had a reference point from which to objectively quantify the photograph. Women, and nurses in particular, did indeed walk on the battlefield during lulls in the fighting, and they would most certainly have been overwhelmed with strong emotions as they performed their grisly tasks as caregivers among some of the greatest bloodletting ever manifested on American soil.

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
Now available for purchase. Click the image to get your copy.

On the other hand, many generations of people, including Native Americans, lived and died on this land over the course of time without having been witness to the horrors of war. From an objective standpoint, the apparitional form in the photograph could be anyone from any number of time periods. However, considering the history of this specific location and the details in the photo, it seems more likely that this could be an energy imprint from the actual battle (or its immediate aftermath).

I’ll be sharing more stories, and photographs, from our book, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, in the coming weeks and months. The book is now available for purchase, so click here to get your copy today. podcast #16 – Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg

Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg
Notice the Union soldiers at the bottom right corner of the Triangular Field. The problem is that nobody was in the field when this photo was taken!

What do Spangler’s Spring, the Wheatfield, Little Round Top,  Pickett’s Charge and  the Triangular Field all have in common?

They are all extremely haunted “hot spots” on the Gettysburg battlefield!

Tune into podcast #16 as journalist and author Jack Roth talks about his research on the Gettysburg battlefield and why this hallowed ground is not only where the most significant battle of the Civil War was fought, but also a place where ghostly phenomena occurs on a regular basis. Jack talks about his Top Five Most Active Spots on the Gettysburg battlefield and describes amazing paranormal experiences associated with each one.

51cFLmjjdYLIf you’re fascinated by the Civil War, the battles that defined it, and the paranormal activity that was born out of its brutal carnage, you don’t want to miss this podcast, and you might want to pre-order your copy of Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg now. Available this October from Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg is a culmination of close to a decade of research performed by Jack Roth and co-author Patrick Burke on and around this famous battlefield. Just click on the image to the right to order your copy.

Gettysburg’s Ghosts

Devil's Den Ghost C_UFrom a paranormal standpoint, the Gettysburg battlefield is one of the most interesting places on Earth. Why? Because over the course of three days of fighting in July 1863, there were more than 51,000 human casualties of war. It represents not only the defining battle of the Civil War, but the bloodiest battle ever fought on U.S. soil. As a result of all the intense emotional energy generated from the battle, its "ghostly echoes" can still be seen, heard and felt by visitors today. In Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, being released this October by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing, we documented more than a decade of field research conducted on this hallowed ground. This photograph was taken in a wooded area behind Devil's Den. Notice the white apparitional form that was captured in the background middle of the frame (click on image to enlarge). It appears to be a "person" walking from right to left and carrying some sort of satchel. Using historic records, we found that, during lulls in the fighting, stewards (or nurses) from medical corps walked the fields with satchels looking for wounded soldiers. Civil War medical satchels would have included bandages, straps, chlorophorm, morphine and calomel (a mercury-based compound used for constipation as well as diarrhea and dysentery). This is one of the many compelling paranormal photographs taken during our investigations of the Gettysburg battlefield. We will be sharing more paranormal photos from Gettysburg and excerpts from the book leading up to its October release. Pre-order the book by clicking here. Broadcast #11 with Jack Roth is live!

In this special edition of, regular host Jack Roth sits in the interviewee chair and shares how his journey was altered by two incredible images he captured at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, during a Memorial Day weekend trip in 1995.

Jon Sumple takes over the interviewer role for this broadcast and encourages Jack to share his childhood fascination with the unknown — which includes an interesting discussion on why '70s TV shows may have contributed to a generation of open-minded ideas surrounding the unknown. Jack shares how the images he captured at the Myrtles led him to the world of paranormal investigations and the fascinating experiences he's had over the past 20 years, including numerous investigations on the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania — which led to Jack co-authoring the book "Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg," available this fall from Llewellyn Publishing. Click here to pre-order the book.

Click here to see the Myrtles images. And if you want to see the TV show Jack mentions that he watched as a kid, click here. Back in the day, this was high-tech TV! broadcast #11: Jon Sumple interviews Jack Roth

Jack Roth

In this special broadcast of, Jack Roth sits in the interviewee seat and Jon Sumple puts on the host hat to take listeners on a journey through Jack's past, where we learn how and when Jack became fascinated by the mysterious and unknown. (Hint: the original Star Trek television show had something to do with it.)

But a weekend trip to New Orleans on Memorial Day weekend in 1995 sparked a journey of discovery that continues today. After enjoying the Big Easy for a few days, Jack and friends spent a night at the Myrtles Plantation Bed and Breakfast in St. Francisville, Louisiana — a destination Jack was curious about because of its haunted heritage. During the interview, Jack tells the story of his experience — which resulted in the two fascinating images shown above — and why the Myrtles had such a profound impact on his future.

Thanks to those images, as well as a spooky EVP captured at a subsequent Myrtles trip, the past 20 years have included numerous paranormal investigations and excrusions throughout the Southeast and Gettysburg, PA, a hallowed destination that has delivered experience after experience and led to the book "Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg," which is co-authored by Jack and will be released this fall through Llewellyn Publishing. You can preorder the book here

After listening to this broadcast, it will be perfectly clear why Jack Roth's journey led him to create "extraordinary: the stan romanek story" with his j3FILMS partners and why he's the perfect host for on