Category Archives: New Orleans broadcast #20 — Halloween Special: Ghosts of New Orleans

To celebrate Halloween, Jack Roth and Jon Sumple take a trip down memory lane and share their paranormal experiences while filming a pilot for a television show based on ghosts of New Orleans. They discuss Maxwell’s Jazz Cabaret lovers Nico and Anna Maria, Crescent City Bookstore and the moving lens-cap, the apothecary (the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum) and the taste of blood, and the Ashley House and several incidents, including Bobby, the twins, the heart attack and the mad entity that asked us “What are you doing here?”

We also discuss the Boyd Bushman video making the rounds on YouTube and social media, as well as the upcoming Starworks USA conference in Laughlin, Nevada — Back to the Future: Nostalgia, UFOs and Consciousness — November 14-16, 2014.