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Interview provokes disturbing thoughts about MILABs

Melinda Leslie

Melinda Leslie

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Melinda Leslie for my podcast on Melinda has been the victim of both extraterrestrial and covert-ops abductions for 24 years. As a result, she has researched military and intelligence agency involvement in MILAB (MILitary ABduction) cases and has interviewed more than 100 abductees who have had similar experiences.

The subject of MILABS tends to further complicate the UFO enigma, as many of us still grapple mightily with the possibility that not only do extraterrestrial intelligences exist but that they have been abducting human beings for decades (and maybe even millennia) for purposes that include DNA research/manipulation, alien/human hybridization projects and other Dr. Frankenstein-like experiments. Add to this the idea that shadow elements of our own government/military are re-abducting individuals who have already been abducted by extraterrestrials, and it most certainly muddies the waters.

Several disturbing thoughts came to mind as I interviewed Melinda:

  • Based on experiencer testimony, the aliens and the MILAB perpetrators seem to be working together in their efforts to treat us like lab rats.
  • These acts are blatantly criminal in nature and constitute a grave infringement of human rights.
  • In fact, they are crimes against humanity because they are a serious attack on human dignity, a degradation of human beings and condoned by a government or a de facto authority.
  • If sovereign governments (or these de facto authorities) are willing to take part in such heinous acts, the end game must be even more disturbing than the acts themselves.
  • What’s the end game? Mind control? Annihilation of the human race? Human enslavement?

I’m holding out hope that the alien agenda is focused on helping us take the next step in our evolution as spiritual, peaceful, galactic neighbors, and that our human perpetrators, if they are indeed accessories to these abductions, can justify these acts as a necessary means to get us there. Unfortunately, the evidence tells me otherwise. It suggests that human power and greed are winning the day and that these aliens may not have our best interests in mind after all.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong.