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Jack’s recommended reading: ‘Raechel’s Eyes’ by Helen Littrell

51kCN+XHcHLThere are certain stories in the world of Ufology that stand out — that leave a lasting impression due to their compelling nature, the credibility of the people involved and their profound implications.

Helen Littrell’s story is one of them.

When I first read Raechel’s Eyes a few years ago, my first thought was it was one of the most important books I’d ever read. You see, sometimes, no matter how incredible a story may sound, your intuition tells you that it’s real … that it really happened … and that the people who experienced it were participants in one of the most important events in human history. In this case, the important event happened to be a program, an experiment if you will, that focused on integrating an alien/human hybrid into the world of humans.

Raechel’s Eyes is the story of Helen Littrell’s daughter, Marisa, and her experiences sharing an apartment with her unusual college roommate, Raechel. Marisa and Raechel were two young women who didn't fit in — Marisa was legally blind and needed assistance living on her own, while Raechel seemingly had no past, talked with an odd inflection and ate a strange diet delivered to her home by odd men in black suits.

The two students lived together for about six months in Northern California in the early 1970s. They seemed to be perfect roommates, becoming good friends, but slowly Raechel's strange lifestyle began to arouse frightening suspicions in Marisa, which led her to conclusions so incredible that she became fearful. After a series of very unusual and disturbing events, the man claiming to be Raechel's father revealed that he was an Air Force Colonel involved in a top-secret experiment being conducted from a base called Four Corners in Nevada. The Colonel said he was authorized by the National Reconnaissance Organization through the Air Force's Aerospace Technical Information Command to adopt the human-alien hybrid Raechel and let her try living a normal life as a college student.

Marisa died in 1990. In 1998, realizing there had to be more to the events than had been revealed, Helen underwent a two-year-long series of hypnotic regressions that revealed a family history of alien interaction that had not been considered before. It also revealed a connection between Helen and the Colonel.

The short clip of the interview with Helen posted on this site is part of a much longer interview conducted by our friends and colleagues Paola Harris and Lori Wagner. We will have the entire interview for members to see in the near future, and we will continue to talk with Helen and have her share her incredible story with others.

Helen was both witness to and involved in a program that, when someday authenticated, will have a significant impact on all of terrestrial humanity. I highly recommend that anyone interested in ufology buy and read this most important book.