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Anniversary special — ‘extraordinary: the stan romanek story’ VOD 50% off

the stan romanek story
Anniversay special: Watch “extraordinary: the stan romanek story” VOD for $2.99!

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since launched. For Richie, Patrick and me, the week leading up to the launch — and especially the 48 hours before — will be something we won’t forget soon due to technical challenges and Patrick’s missing time experience. But we survived, and finally had a chance to share the award-winning documentary film extraordinary: the stan romanek story with a global audience.

In the year since the launch, we have added 1,700 members and have received more than 102,000 page views on our site. Jack Roth has conducted 24 podcasts that have been viewed more than 8,000 times. Not bad. But we want the site to have an even greater reach, and we will continue to develop additional content. More on that later. But first:

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, you can watch the VOD of extraordinary for $2.99 — 50% off the regular $5.99 price. The discount is available through Tuesday, May 12 at 3 p.m. EDT. The VOD will be available for 48 hours from the time you purchase.

Back to the additional content. Our goal from the outset was to provide a variety of alternative point of view content above and beyond the extraordinary: the stan romanek story documentary. The podcasts, blog content and social media content have been relatively easy to keep up with — assuming our full-time jobs allow. The challenge has been to edit and present some of the content that we promised at the outset, including additional footage from the interviews conducted for the documentary. Time and money are always a factor for independent projects, and we are considering a few crowd-sourcing options that may help us create a pathway to more content. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

Finally, we’re wondering what you would like to see on the site in addition to the content we’re already providing. Politics? Religion? Conspiracy theories? Let us know in the comments area what you’d like to see more of.

For those of you who have stuck around for the past year, we thank you for your continued support via comments, emails and social media engagement. It is much appreciated.

Here’s to the next 365 days!


Alien-Human Hybrids: What are the Implications?

05-27-09 ET Little Girl CU Low ResDuring our five-year journey down the rabbit hole that was creating “extraordinary: the stan romanek story,” one of the most interesting revelations was the possibility that alien-human hybrids have indeed been created as a result of an extraterrestrial hybridization program that has been operating for decades, if not millennia.

Some of the first-hand accounts, and evidence, we were privy to (and shared in the documentary) was not only compelling but also paradigm shifting in that if true, the human race is dealing with a situation that goes far beyond the mere existence of “other” intelligent life in the universe.

3-29-10 Aztec Child - Contrast ECU Low ResThe question of “how” can be debated forever with no clear answers because, quite frankly, our current science doesn’t allow for the successful hybridization of two highly-evolved, intelligent lifeforms (albeit one much more highly-evolved and intelligent than the other). However, the question of “why” is one that has more fascinating, and possibly terrifying, implications as it applies to humanity.

If we assume, for the sake of this blog post, that alien-human hybrids do exist as a result of a concerted effort on the part of an extraterrestrial (or inter dimensional) race, then let’s ask the question “why?” and attempt to come up with some objective answers (both optimistic and pessimistic).

Answer #1 (optimistic): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids for the good of humanity. These beings possess the best of humanity (compassion, spirituality) and the extraterrestrial race (intelligence, ability to exist in various dimensions, etc.), and will lead humanity out of its current crisis (global warming, war, disease, etc.) and into a new age of evolution and enlightenment.

ANIMAHybridbyBridgetNielsenAnswer #2 (pessimistic): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids in order to take over the human race and our planet. As far as the extraterrestrials are concerning, we are a primitive, violent race that is destroying a beautiful and bountiful planet and we all deserve to die (wouldn’t necessarily blame them for thinking this).  These hybrids have already been integrated into our global society and will eventually take over as we continue to destroy ourselves.

Answer #3 (neutral): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids because their species is dying off and they need to re-populate their home planet with a hybrid species that can both reproduce and survive biologically on their home planet. Yes, the abduction experiences are horrifying for humans, but it is a justifiable means to an end  – SAVING THEIR SPECIES.

Clarion_Human_Extraterrestrial_Alien_Racewmv__115964Answer #4 (neutral): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids because they can. It is simply a scientific exercise for them. As we find ways to clone sheep, travel to Mars and cure diseases, the extraterrestrials are bending space time  and creating hybrid species on the planets they visit.

Fascinating food for thought. Your comments are welcome.

‘extraordinary’ editor experiences missing time

extraordinary: the stan romanek storyI never imagined typing the headline above. But I felt obligated to after last Tuesday's efforts to launch extraordinary: the stan romanek story on went awry. It's share-worthy because the events surrounding our editor Patrick are now part of our story.

Rewind to Tuesday, May 13, 2014, 5:22 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. We experienced challenges with upload speeds throughout the day — speeds that were more than adequate for handling the file sizes we were transferring suddenly moved glacially slow, so Patrick went to a FedEx location near his home to use a faster wi-fi connection. But at 5:22, Patrick called (while I was on the Google+ Hangout with Lisa Romanek) to share that his computer just froze … at 95% of the transfer completion. Patrick is a low-key guy, so when his voice was hitting soprano levels, I knew something was wrong.

"It just froze! It just froze! I can't believe it. It froze at 95%. This is horrible. I can't believe this!"

The panic in his voice was piercing, and a day I had been looking forward to for five years was turning into a day I'd rather forget. I immediately reached out to our webmaster in Belgium to see if Plan B was available — the same Plan B which failed when we tried 20 minutes before the 3 p.m. launch time. About 10 minutes later, the word from Belgium via Skype was not good:

"It timed out again. Plan B is not going to work."

At 5:36 p.m., I got what would be my last communication from Patrick for nearly six hours:

"Did you get a link? If not, I got jacked."

At this point, I realized our window to get the film online Tuesday was closing fast, and I was about to pull the plug when I received a Skype ping from Belgium at 5:45: "Patrick is heading to a new location. Will attempt to finish the download."

I took a deep breath, jumped back into the Google+ Hangout and hoped for some good news shortly. At 6:30, I checked in with Belgium. No word from Patrick. We could see that he was on Skype, so we tried messaging him. No go. Calling him. Nothing. Texting him. Nada.

My first thought was our 24-year-old wunderkind editor was so upset about what had happened that he didn't want to talk about it. I asked Belgium to keep trying to reach Patrick while I informed our Hangout crew we were pulling the plug on getting the film on the site on Tuesday. The shutdown was frustrating by itself, but my attention quickly shifted to "what happened to Patrick?"

I reached out via phone, skype and text for the next few hours.

Text at 6:59: "call me! wanna make sure still alive!"

Text at 8:13: "worried sick over here!!!!!! please call me!!!!"

I even tracked down a family member on Facebook and tried connecting to see if anyone had heard anything. By 10 p.m., I realized the only thing left to do was wait.

I finally got a text at 11:18 p.m.

"My phone was dead it trying to charge. idk where ive been dude. I dont remember today much. My computer is here saying 30% still and that shouldn't be. makes no sense

"man, I've been freaking out! are you okay?"

"Idk I just woke up in bed. dont remember getting here. my upload says 30% still and that makes no sense."

"can you talk?"


Over the next 10 minutes, Patrick shared that he remembered freaking out about the computer freeze at 5:22 p.m., but he did not remember telling our webmaster he was going somewhere else to upload the file. He was disoriented and confused when sharing what happened after talking with me at 5:22 — "I don't remember anything." Then he woke up in his bed a little after 11 p.m. — more than five hours after our last conversation. He was most confused by his laptop being operational and uploading when only hours earlier it had crashed and wasn't functioning.

We continued to talk and he said he last remembered being at restaurant with his roommate, which prompted me to ask: "Restaurant?" In a panic to find faster upload speeds, Patrick relocated to a restaurant where he was joined by a roommate. I was puzzled by this at first because it was the first I was hearing of it, but asked what his roommate recalled happening. He called me back a few minutes later after talking to the roommate who said they left around 6 p.m., came home and Patrick went straight to his room.

Patrick had no recollection of this at all.

Then I asked the obvious: "Given the project you're working on, I have to ask — do you think you were abducted?" His response was quick and firm: "No. No. I think I was drugged. I was knocked out."

I told him I felt responsible for everything that happened to him, and he assured me that wasn't the case: "It's not your fault. I know what I signed up for."

Wow. It was then that I ran through the events of the past 24 hours one more time. Slower than normal Internet speeds, Plan B failing twice and Patrick getting "knocked out." My initial thought was May 13 was not a very lucky day for us.

The next morning, still searching for answers, I contacted an intuitive friend who also happens to connect to the energy of a braided walk-in and asked for her opinion. She said, without a doubt, an intervention occured in an effort to "slow you down, because that's all they really can do." Her advice: "Keep pushing. Don't stop."

So we pushed. And the film went live Wednesday, one day later than intended. But now it's out there for the world to see. And it's up to those who have seen it and believe this is a story worth sharing to help get the word out. To help facilitate awareness. To start conversations. To question whether or not things like this really do happen.

It's nearly a week later and Patrick continues to be a little foggy on what happened. Was he intentionally taken out or did he simply shut down after suffering through a highly stressful day? While I'm not convinced there was an intervention, I'm open to the possibility.

What do you think?