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Laughlin Day 1: Paola, 10-year-old Anna & George Noory

George Noory takes over the room.

The StarworksUSA conference — “Back to the Future: Nostalgia, UFOs and Consciousness” — is a return to the desert for fans of ufology. For 20 years, Bob Brown and his family hosted the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada, from 1990-2010 before the torch was handed off to Open Minds Productions and moved to Phoenix.

Paola Harris revived the concept of bringing a conference back to Laughlin through StarworksUSA. And boy is she smart. She brought back Bob Brown as host, knowing Bob’s followers would return — and they did. She also was brilliant to focus on something profoundly more important than solely on the UFO experience, thus the conference title. The “nostalgia” part is Bob Brown and Laughlin and the Aquarius Casino Resort and friends getting together to reminisce about their memories of events past. And Bob acknowledge as much with his voice cracking during the opening comments Friday morning. But when Bob brought Paola on to the stage, the tone changed. No more discussions about the past or telling the same stories from the same people for the umpteenth time. The focus shifted dramatically. Paola is all about where we are now and where we’re going as humanity. While the subject of UFOs and experiencers is integral to the event, a significant focus is on awareness and raising consciousness among the masses.

Paola brought 10 year old Anna McClure to the stage during her intro to introduce a future torchbearer of awareness. Anna is an experiencer, and Paola shared the importance of reaching younger generations who can continue the research and storytelling that her and her colleagues have done for 30+ years.

She was a bit emotional, too, when discussing that many of her contemporaries are no longer with us, and that it’s important that others are waiting in the wings ready, willing and able to continue when Paola and her contemporaries steps aside.

Anna’s story: simple and innocent

I tweeted an image of Paola on stage with Anna yesterday, and it was met with some negative responses; the assumption was Paola was using Anna to advance her personal agenda. Taken out of context, I completely understand how this might come across. But the message really was simple: It’s time for the next generation to step up, and they are here.

I had a chance to talk with Anna and her mother, Kerry, about Anna’s experience and whether or not she felt she was being “used” to advance an agenda.

“Absolutely not,” said Kerry with a puzzled look on her face. She couldn’t fathom the idea that she or her daughter was being manipulated. “This was all Anna’s idea. She hounded me to attend Paola’s event in Sebring last year. She was relentless. And she’s the only reason why we’re here today. She absolutely had to be here.”

Anna’s experience is straight forward. When she was seven years old, she saw a UFO hovering outside her brother’s bedroom window and told her mom about it.

“She said it was hovering with lights directly outside the window, ” recalls Kerry. “I was going along with her, not wanting to discount what she was saying — ‘uh, huh … yes … really … wow … that’s special.'”

Kerry said no one in their family has seen a UFO or had experiences before, so she really didn’t think much about it, until Anna shared one additional detail the next morning.

“Mommy, there’s one more thing I forget to tell you,” said Anna, according to Kerry. She went on to tell her mother she had a dream that she was visited and taken from her bedroom. “She went on to share details about what happened and I was amazed. I then did some research, and the things she was sharing were similar to what others who have been abducted have shared. There’s no way she could have been exposed to the details she shared with me.”

Kerry expressed that Anna is a normal child, who goes to school, has numerous friends and gets picked on by older brothers. She has simply had a unique experience — one that she is not frightened by.
So much so that when Anna learned about a UFO conference in Sebring, FL, in May 2013, she pleaded with her mother to go.

41zld90XHXL“She was relentless; there was no denying her,” said Kerry. At that conference, Anna approached Paola to share her story. As a result of that outreached, Anna collaborated with Paola on the book “Anna’s Tale: Contact from Space.”

“Really, the only thing Anna wants from this is to find other children who have had similar experiences so she has someone her age to connect with,” says Kerry.

Are there any other Annas out there?

Dinner with George Noory

Lori Wagner, a valued friend of, sponsored Coast to Coast radio host George Noory‘s visit to Laughlin for the conference. As the sponsor, Lori had the opportunity to eat dinner with George and his producer, Tom Danheiser. And she invited me to tag along, too.

While some might think dinner with George would be nothing but nonstop discussions about UFOs and conspiracy theories, it was far from that. We were four people shooting the breeze over dinner talking about a variety of subjects. There were a few jokes, George humming to the muzak while the rest of us were talking, and several contested convos between George and Tom, which George assured us was the norm: “I fire him all the time and rehire him minutes later.”

The one observation I had was that George appreciated time when he was not in the spotlight as host of Coast to Coast. Whether it’s walking down the street, riding in cabs or walking to the restroom during our dinner, people notice George and want to tell him their story. I imagine that gets a little old, so having dinner and not talking shop was most welcome.

As we were wrapping up dinner, there was a 10-minute convo about what was going to happen next with George hosting the mixer event at the conference. Tom blocked out the details and George sat there comfortably nodding, interjecting only for clarification. Then, George calmly said, “Okay, it’s showtime.” We headed up to the conference center for the mixer, George grabbed the mic and took over the room.  I don’t think he needed any pre-planning assistance at all. The guy’s a natural when the spotlight’s on, and those in attendance loved basking in George’s spotlight.

“Stranger at the Pentagon”

The evening ended with George introducing a screening of what is an extended trailer for the feature film “Stranger at the Pentagon” adapted from Frank Stranges’ book of the same title by director Craig Campobasso (You can watch the VOD for $5 here — be forewarned, though, the film is only 17 minutes long, including credits). Campobasso’s goal is to use the short format to stimulate interest in financing a long-form feature film about Valiant Thor and his visit to Earth in the 1950s and his connections with President Eisenhower and the Pentagon.

The film quickly introduces Valiant Thor and quickly guides the viewer thru series of conversations with the president, Pentagon officials and members of Thor’s crew on their spacecraft. It’s a teaser that leaves you wanting more and the special effects are low-budget, but given the $20K budget and that the intent of the film is to do a big-budget version, there is promise for something better. Give it a watch if you’re okay with spending $5 for a short film.

The Mt. Popocatepetl Mexico UFO Prophecy

By Ruben Uriarte, Guest Blogger

Mt. Popo
Mt. Popocatepetl

It has been my good fortune to visit UFO hotspots in Mexico over the past years and to talk to many Mexican UFO investigators and eyewitnesses. My interest in the Mexico UFO experience began in the mid-1990s when I served as a researcher, guide and translator for Beyond Boundaries, a tour company that specialized in taking people to areas of high UFO activity throughout the world, including Mexico.

There have been numerous reports by many people living near Mt. Popocatepetl, an active volcano, that have observed seeing strange objects flying in and out of the volcano’s crater. Some people have speculated that there is a hidden alien base located somewhere deep within the mountain. The name Popocatepetl comes from the Aztec Nahuatl words popōca “it smokes” and tepētl “mountain,” thus Smoking Mountain.

Claudio Gonzalez being interviewed by Ruben Uriarte and other researchers.

We met several contactees during the 1996 expedition, including a young boy named Claudio Gonzalez, in the small town of Atlimiyaya. This town was famous for its trout fisheries and restaurants, and it also happens to be located near Mt. Popocatepetl

Claudio told us that three years earlier in 1993, he and a friend saw three small beings while they were herding goats. The boys were sitting along a rock ledge when suddenly a bright, intense light appeared. The goats became very frightened and formed a protective circle. Claudio said he was able to see three small beings wearing tight fitting clothing. He described them as having large heads, strange faces and no mouths. He described one of the beings as having strange markings on its head and a small beard or growth of fine hair on its chin. He said that the bearded beings spoke “telepathically” to him and his friend. Claudio heard and felt a garbled voice within his head. The bearded being said that they were there to protect the mountain and prevent the “others” from erupting the volcano.

During the telepathic link, the being also revealed to Claudio a future event that caused Claudio great puzzlement. The bearded being said that there would be a “war” in New York. As Claudio had limited education and had never been outside his village, he did not know anything about New York. The being also revealed that the “war” would cause the entire world to go “on alert.”

World Trade Center
World Trade Center on September 11, 2001

When I interviewed Claudio in 1996, I thought that the being was referring to the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Obviously, after the 2001 attack, my assessment of the mysterious prophecy delivered to Claudio has changed. It’s now clear to me that the beings may have been foretelling the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

A month later, while his home one evening, a large beam of light came from the sky and lit up Claudio’s entire home. His father and mother were terrified and told the children to remain in the house.

The “Strange Universe” was a paranormal television show that originally aired from 1996 to 1997. The show presented “The Mexico Files” or “MEX Files,” a series on the UFO phenomenon in Mexico. The film crew went and interviewed Claudio about his encounters and the strange prophecy.

This story is one of many unusual experiences that I had while traveling in Mexico investigating reports of UFOs and other high strangeness.

Ruben Uriarte BWRuben Uriarte is a UFO researcher and author who has spent several decades investigating UFO crash sites and other UFO phenomena in the Southwest United States and Mexico. He has written several books, including Mexico’s Roswell, Aliens in the Forest and the Coyame Incident.

Stan Romanek equations analyzed in forum

extraordinary: the stan romanek story
Click the image
The Stan Romanek equations are one of the most fascinating elements of Stan's unusual UFO experiencer case. As a UFO abduction experiencer, Stan has been taken several times, witnessed high strangeness, assaulted by who knows what and why, shot at, followed, trespassed upon — the list goes on, and it has been documented in detail by Stan, as is illustrated in the documentary film "extraordinary: the stan romanek story," which is available at as a VOD and DVD.

But one aspect of his case has specifically caught the attention of scientists and science buffs: the equations. Stan has drawn numerous equations in his sleep and during regressions, and most of what he has scribbled has been scrutinized and analyzed by experts for years.

Just yesterday, there was quite a lively discussion about the Stan Romanek equations in the forum of the Italian website Unless you can read Italian, we suggest you use the Chrome brower to view this thread because you can automatically have it translated with Google Translate.

One of the posters, Cribbio, mentions there were "things in my head" he couldn't quite understand until he saw the Stan Romanek equations. What follows is a lively debate well worth the read, especially if you're scientifically inclined!

Summer Vacation and Hurricane Arthur Silence This Week

Hurricane ArthurI had every intention of taping my podcast with my next guest, Sierra Neblina (UFO experiencer and contactee), from the Outer Banks this week, but Hurricane Arthur wreaked a bit of havoc up here and as a result I won't be able to do the Skype interview. I've rescheduled my interview with Sierra for next week and will provide an update on what to expect from what will most definitely be an eye-opening interview. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I promise that next week's show will be well worth the wait! broadcast #6 with Sharon Clark now live!

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor, far right, with papers in hand. is proud to present an exclusive first-time radio interview with Sharon Clark, UFO experiencer. Listen in to hear her talk about how she met the mysterious Valiant Thor, an extraterrestrial who visited Earth in the late 1950s as a "space emissary" and allegedly met with President Dwight Eisenhower, Vice President Richard Nixon and top-level Pentagon officials. A military brat, she also shares how when she was a child, U.S. Air Force General Curtis LeMay visited her house on various occasions to debrief B52 pilots on their UFO encounters. Wait until you hear what Sharon says about meeting an alien being for the first time. interviews Sharon Clark on Friday

Sharon ClarkJoin host Jack Roth on Friday at 8 p.m. when he talks with Sharon Clark about her unique childhood experiences and introduction to earthbound extraterrestrial Valiant Thor.

Sharon is a certified aromatherapist and energy light body worker who has been a UFO experiencer since she was a child. A native of Texas, Sharon experienced third-eye visions by age three.

At age seven, she had a near death experience due to a freak accident, which changed her perspective of what was real. As a result, she began to ask questions far beyond her years of understanding. During the mid- to late-'50s, U.S. Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay visited her parents home from time to time to debrief B52 pilots returning from tours of duty — specifically, pilots who had UFO experiences.

At 13, Clark attended a skywatching event and met the mysterious Valiant Thor, an alien being who gave her small group a important message. The book Stranger at the Pentagon details the experiences of Frank Stranges, who had direct contact with Valiant Thor and knew him to be an extraterrestrial who was here to help mankind.

On June 4, 1994, in the Moses Lake area of Washington Sate, Sharon had her first bi-location to a large ship. She was on board for two hours, fully conscious of being in both places at the same time. During this time, she was shown many things and telepathically given a symbol — a symbol that, when she sees it in the future, means the ships are ready to appear in public places.

Sharon's sightings and experiences with UFOs continue, with the latest occurring in April 2014. Tune in Friday night to hear about all of this and more on