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Was There An Apollo 20 Mission?

William Rutledge

In 2007, William Rutledge, a retired NASA mission specialist currently living in Africa, revealed some amazing facts about his involvement with two missions to the moon, the failed Apollo 19 and Apollo 20, which he says was launched in August 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Apollo 20 Mission Patch
Apollo 20 Mission Patch

According to Rutledge, both of these missions were highly classified joint space missions resulting from collaborations between U.S. and Soviet governments. In other words, the general public had, and still has, no idea these missions ever took place.

Alien craft superimposed over New York City to show scale

The purpose of these missions was to investigate a large alien spacecraft (3,370 meters long and 500 meters high!) on the far side of the moon in the Delporte-Izsak region, allegedly discovered and photographed during the Apollo 15 mission. The photo to the right shows the alien craft on the lunar surface and then superimposed onto New York City. NASA supposed that the craft either crashed or was abandoned on the moon in ancient times.

Alexei Leonov, Soviet cosmonaut
Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov

Rutledge claims that he and Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov landed a Lunar Module  near the alien ship and actually entered it. Certain artifacts were discovered and recovered, including two bodies alleged to be the pilots. One was very well preserved and appeared to be female. The second body was badly deteriorated and only the head was retrieved.

Alien female recovered from the craft

The alleged photographs and video of the mission specialists actually examining the female body have made their rounds on the Internet in recent years, and, as you can only imagine, this story remains highly controversial. For most people, it’s just too unbelievable to be true.

Video still of Rutledge aboard alien craft
Video still of Rutledge aboard alien craft

Believing that NASA conducted top secret, joint U.S./Soviet missions to the moon in the early 1970’s is hard enough for people to wrap their heads around, but the fact that these missions took place in order to explore an ancient alien craft  on the lunar surface strains credulity for most people, even true believers.

Strange writing found aboard alien craft
Strange writing found aboard alien craft

However, this story has never been debunked outright, and the images and video associated with it are eerily authentic looking, especially the NASA photographs of the craft on the lunar surface. Eighty-year-old Alexei Leonov certainly isn’t talking, and why William Rutledge did remains a mystery to this day. Maybe, already in the twilight of his life, he decided he was no longer going to keep such an important event a secret.

Images of alien craft taken during Apollo 15 mission
Images of alien craft taken during Apollo 15 mission

Until official UFO/alien disclosure occurs, we may never know if these secret missions took place. Debunkers tend to state that the images and video associated with this story are obviously fake, but they offer little to confirm these allegations. But if you simply refuse to believe something, no evidence in the world is going to convince you of its authenticity anyway.

Hopefully, one day soon, we will have more information to share regarding this mind-blowing tale.

Alien-Human Hybrids: What are the Implications?

05-27-09 ET Little Girl CU Low ResDuring our five-year journey down the rabbit hole that was creating “extraordinary: the stan romanek story,” one of the most interesting revelations was the possibility that alien-human hybrids have indeed been created as a result of an extraterrestrial hybridization program that has been operating for decades, if not millennia.

Some of the first-hand accounts, and evidence, we were privy to (and shared in the documentary) was not only compelling but also paradigm shifting in that if true, the human race is dealing with a situation that goes far beyond the mere existence of “other” intelligent life in the universe.

3-29-10 Aztec Child - Contrast ECU Low ResThe question of “how” can be debated forever with no clear answers because, quite frankly, our current science doesn’t allow for the successful hybridization of two highly-evolved, intelligent lifeforms (albeit one much more highly-evolved and intelligent than the other). However, the question of “why” is one that has more fascinating, and possibly terrifying, implications as it applies to humanity.

If we assume, for the sake of this blog post, that alien-human hybrids do exist as a result of a concerted effort on the part of an extraterrestrial (or inter dimensional) race, then let’s ask the question “why?” and attempt to come up with some objective answers (both optimistic and pessimistic).

Answer #1 (optimistic): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids for the good of humanity. These beings possess the best of humanity (compassion, spirituality) and the extraterrestrial race (intelligence, ability to exist in various dimensions, etc.), and will lead humanity out of its current crisis (global warming, war, disease, etc.) and into a new age of evolution and enlightenment.

ANIMAHybridbyBridgetNielsenAnswer #2 (pessimistic): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids in order to take over the human race and our planet. As far as the extraterrestrials are concerning, we are a primitive, violent race that is destroying a beautiful and bountiful planet and we all deserve to die (wouldn’t necessarily blame them for thinking this).  These hybrids have already been integrated into our global society and will eventually take over as we continue to destroy ourselves.

Answer #3 (neutral): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids because their species is dying off and they need to re-populate their home planet with a hybrid species that can both reproduce and survive biologically on their home planet. Yes, the abduction experiences are horrifying for humans, but it is a justifiable means to an end  – SAVING THEIR SPECIES.

Clarion_Human_Extraterrestrial_Alien_Racewmv__115964Answer #4 (neutral): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids because they can. It is simply a scientific exercise for them. As we find ways to clone sheep, travel to Mars and cure diseases, the extraterrestrials are bending space time  and creating hybrid species on the planets they visit.

Fascinating food for thought. Your comments are welcome. Broadcast # 24 – Chase Kloetzke – UFOs, Close Encounters, Military Cover Up

Headshot1Join host Jack Roth as he interviews Chase Kloetzke, veteran paranormal researcher, author and radio talk show host. Formerly a Master Instructor for the Department of Defense, Chase was responsible for designing specialized programs to ensure force readiness and elite force protection for active duty military members and civilian anti-terrorist units assigned with Homeland Security and Private Sector Security Forces.

Part of the mysterious Nazca Lines in Peru.

Chase discusses how her experience with the Department of Defense led her to the field of UFO studies and paranormal phenomena. On a life-long quest for the truth, Chase discusses MUFON’s The Star Team, her very own close encounter experience, the military cover up of crashed UFOs, and some of her recent cases in South America involving ancient megaliths and the Nazca Lines.

Chase is truly “in-the-know” when it comes to UFOlogy and the study of various paranormal phenomena, so join us as she shares her fascinating journey of discovery with us! Broadcast # 23 – Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON

Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON

Join host Jack Roth as he interviews Jan Harzan, the new executive director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Jan talks about the organization’s goals and how he wants to create a global UFO database that anyone can access to view the more than 70,000 case files (and counting) that have been researched and compiled over the years.

Harzan also discusses his own close encounter with a UFO as a young boy, the idea of anti-gravity propulsion, dark matter, mental telepathy, and the fact that there has been an alien intelligence communicating with mankind for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

From the files of MUFON.
From the files of MUFON.

The most important issue, he says, is getting people to change dogmatic belief systems and erase the stigma associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligences. By putting a scientific approach around the enigma and documenting the thousands of experiences that people report every month, he believes we can create the paradigm shift needed to break down the walls of secrecy that have been imposed upon us since the 1940s.

Don’t miss this informative and eye-opening issue with the man who plans to take MUFON to the next level when it comes to creating the ultimate global UFO database and creating awareness about the most important story in the history of the human race. Broadcast # 22 – Sam Osmanagic, Ph.D. – Bosnian Pyramids

semir_osmanagicIn 2005, Dr. Sam Osmanagic, Bosnian-born researcher and sociologist, discovered an ancient pyramidal complex in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It consists of five colossal stone structures in the shape of the pyramid with an extensive pre-historical underground tunnel network. From the outset of this discovery, Dr. Osmanagic has been attacked by mainstream scientists and the power elite.

Why? Because the implications of this incredible discovery are far-reaching and threaten to change the way we view human history, energy sources and the linear progress of civilizations we’ve been taught to believe.

bosnian_pyramid_fullWhat if, based on the evidence collected from the Bosnian Pyramids, there are unlimited quantities of free and healing energy at our disposal? And what if the ancient civilizations that built these pyramids were actually more advanced than we are today? No, they didn’t have cell phones, but they were more in tune with earth energies and spirit, which enabled them to create advanced technologies by tapping into readily available resources with which modern man has lost touch.

Tune in to altPOV. radio broadcast # 22 tonight as host Jack Roth interviews Dr. Osmanagic and you will never look at ancient civilizations and mainstream archaeology the same way again. broadcast # 19 – A Conversation About Conspiracy Theories

Richard Nixon denied his involvement in Watergate until it was made clear to him that he wasn’t going to be able to lie his way out of it.

In our last podcast, Jon Sumple and I discussed conspiracy theories, and more specifically talked about what makes a conspiracy theory a conspiracy theory as opposed to a belief system. We also noted that the term “conspiracy theorist” has been used in a negative way to stigmatize anyone who questions authority and believes that the telling of the “truth” is the most important aspect of any free society.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, during which hundreds of African American men were infected with syphilis and left untreated for 40 years.
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, during which hundreds of African American men were infected with syphilis and left untreated for up to 40 years.

And the truth is, both our government and the mainstream media have earned our distrust. The U.S. government has been caught lying before. Watergate. MK Ultra. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Operation Northwoods. Iran-Contra. The list goes on … and the lies continue to pile up.

And the media, with the exception of Watergate and more so recently, has been missing in action. Somewhere along the way, the media has become complicit in the deception perpetrated by the government (or at least some very powerful individuals within the U.S. government) towards the American people.

A young girl being tested in the U.S. government's MK Ultra project. She was tested with large doses of LSD.
A young girl being tested in the U.S. government’s MK Ultra project. She was tested with large doses of LSD.

Some debunkers actually say that believing in conspiracy theories is a psychological condition, but isn’t accepting what authority figures say as fact even when they’ve been caught lying many times before a more disturbing psychological condition. To say that someone is complacent or naive in this case is being way too kind. So why don’t people want to know the truth? Are they more comfortable believing their authority figures can do no wrong?

Jack Ruby shoots and kills Lee Harvey Oswald.
Jack Ruby shoots and kills Lee Harvey Oswald. His explanation: That Oswald’s death would spare …Mrs. Kennedy the discomfiture of coming back to trial.”

During the show, Jon Sumple and I discuss the Kennedy Assassination, the UFO cover up, 9/11 and other conspiracy theories that are extremely divisive. I pointed out that as far as the Kennedy assassination goes, the only thing you need to consider to raise a SERIOUS red flag is that Jack Ruby, a known mobster with ties to the Dallas, Chicago and New Orleans underworlds, strolled into the basement of the Dallas Police Department and right under the noses of hundreds of police officers shot Lee Harvey Oswald because, as he put it, he didn’t want Mrs. Kennedy to go through the emotional turmoil of an Oswald trial. In my opinion, anyone who accepts this as “not the least bit troubling” simply doesn’t want to believe that others were involved in the Kennedy assassination.

Do conspiracy theorists have vivid imaginations and psychological defects, or are they logical, objective individuals who simply do the research that is required to expose truths, like pieces of a very large and complex puzzle, which puts them one step closer to knowing something that the powers that be don’t want them to know?

Be sure to tune into broadcast # 19 to hear more.


Revisiting Gettysburg’s Ghosts – Devil’s Den

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
The original photograph. Notice the white figure in the background center portion of the frame.

In podcast # 16, Jon Sumple and I talked about the five most “haunted” spots on the Gettysburg battlefield. One of those places was Devil’s Den, and I mentioned a photograph I had taken in that area. The photograph, which was taken with a NIKON film camera, clearly shows an apparitional form that appears to be walking through the woods.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share this photograph and go into more detail about it. While walking through the huge boulders in Devil’s Den on that particular day, I was compelled to walk into the wooded area to the south of where the heavy fighting took place on July 2, 1863. I felt a profound sense of peace in this area, and my intuition told me to take a photograph of what was in front of me. I did, not thinking much of it, as I continued to enjoy this particular location’s peaceful ambiance.

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
Close up of white figure in photo. Notice the hat, long garment and bag.

When I developed the film, I noticed something strange in one of the images and knew immediately it didn’t belong there. When I looked closer, I could see a luminescent white figure and knew I had captured something paranormal in nature. At first glance, it looked like a figure of a person walking with some type of satchel or small suitcase in one hand. This “person” also appeared to be wearing a hat and a dress, which made me surmise that it was a woman.

I immediately went about trying to find some historical context for the photograph. Why would a woman be walking in a field with a bag? If it was during the time of the battle, why would a woman be in the field at all? What I learned was both enlightening and exciting as it applied to the strange photograph.

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
The huge boulders that define Devil’s Den. The wooded area in the background is where I took the photograph.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, at night when the fighting had subsided, nurses and doctors would search the fields for wounded soldiers in need of assistance. They usually held a lantern in one hand and a bag full of medicines (satchel) in the other. At Gettysburg, the carnage was so great that wounded men often lay where they fell for days before receiving any help.

I now had a reference point from which to objectively quantify the photograph. Women, and nurses in particular, did indeed walk on the battlefield during lulls in the fighting, and they would most certainly have been overwhelmed with strong emotions as they performed their grisly tasks as caregivers among some of the greatest bloodletting ever manifested on American soil.

Ghost soldiers of Gettysburg
Now available for purchase. Click the image to get your copy.

On the other hand, many generations of people, including Native Americans, lived and died on this land over the course of time without having been witness to the horrors of war. From an objective standpoint, the apparitional form in the photograph could be anyone from any number of time periods. However, considering the history of this specific location and the details in the photo, it seems more likely that this could be an energy imprint from the actual battle (or its immediate aftermath).

I’ll be sharing more stories, and photographs, from our book, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, in the coming weeks and months. The book is now available for purchase, so click here to get your copy today. podcast # 18 – Thomas Reed

Thomas Reed B&WThomas Reed is a UFO abductee whose family has been at the center of one of the most compelling UFO cases ever. He is the son of the late Dr. Howard Reed, a Connecticut attorney and politician who was supported by Senator Christopher Dodd in his run for office.

Thom and his brother began experiencing strange events in the 1960s, beginning with a strange UFO sighting and leading to multiple abductions. Some of their encounters were witnessed by others and investigated by UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek, who was an astronomer and consultant for the Air Force on the subject of UFOs. The Reed brothers’ encounters include memories of being taken by strange creatures and examined. They also describe ant people and strange looking humanoids.

Thom, his brother Matthew and their mother around the time the strange events began.

The Reed case is classified as a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (a UFO event in which a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants) with physical evidence.

Was Thom’s father murdered because he knew too much?

Why has Thom been harassed by a private investigator, the FBI and Homeland Security over the years?

Artist’s rendering of the craft that Thom and his brother Matthew encountered.

Are Thom and his family unwilling participants in a joint military/extraterrestrial deep black operation involving  abductions and genetic research?

Find out more by watching this week’s podcast.

Yvonne Smith Podcast Rescheduled

normal_Technical-DifficultiesWe have some good news and some bad news. The bad news first … Due to technical difficulties connecting with Yvonne Smith, Jack was not able to interview her tonight. We will be rescheduling her within the next few weeks once she gets her computer updated with some new software.

The good news is that Jack conducted an amazing interview with Thom Reed earlier today. Thom is an alien abductee whose family has been at the center of one of the most compelling UFO cases ever.

We will have the Thom Reed podcast uploaded by tomorrow night, so stay tuned for more information regarding Thom’s case and be ready to hear his incredible story on starting tomorrow evening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.