Broadcast # 23 – Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON

Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON

Join host Jack Roth as he interviews Jan Harzan, the new executive director of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). Jan talks about the organization’s goals and how he wants to create a global UFO database that anyone can access to view the more than 70,000 case files (and counting) that have been researched and compiled over the years.

Harzan also discusses his own close encounter with a UFO as a young boy, the idea of anti-gravity propulsion, dark matter, mental telepathy, and the fact that there has been an alien intelligence communicating with mankind for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

From the files of MUFON.
From the files of MUFON.

The most important issue, he says, is getting people to change dogmatic belief systems and erase the stigma associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligences. By putting a scientific approach around the enigma and documenting the thousands of experiences that people report every month, he believes we can create the paradigm shift needed to break down the walls of secrecy that have been imposed upon us since the 1940s.

Don’t miss this informative and eye-opening issue with the man who plans to take MUFON to the next level when it comes to creating the ultimate global UFO database and creating awareness about the most important story in the history of the human race.

8 thoughts on “ Broadcast # 23 – Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON”

  1. I really don’t mean to come off as some sort of negative Nancy here (truly), but I thought I’d ask if you all at J3Films have delved further into some of MUFON’s past issues. For instance, here is a link to a website I literally just found:—bigelow-partnership.php

    The body of this website speaks for itself.

    I just viewed the entirety of your interview with Jan Harzan. He does seem like a likeable guy; he seems genuinely sincere, but yet something bothered me about him when I was watching him. After your interview ended, I decided to look up anything I could find re: Jan Harzan and that’s when I found the above website.

    I noticed, Jack, that when you brought up the intelligence issue re: MUFON, Harzan didn’t respond directly to you about that. He waltzed around the question as to the NSA/CIA involvement issue with MUFON. I’ve taken the time to listen to ALL of Elaine Douglass’ interviews regarding the issues MUFON has had with the whole Robert Bigelow issue and her concerns mirrors many others of whom have either had personal dealings with MUFO (as I have had), or others who are considering filing a report with MUFON.

    It is quite clear after having just speed read through this website, above, that Harzan has had direct dealings with Bigelow and his company. That concerns me tremendously, as it should anyone in the public realm who may want to file any type report with MUFON. The issue with intelligence agency infiltration (alleged) with MUFON needs to be discussed openly and in as transparent a manner as possible.

    It troubled me that Harzan didn’t respond to Jack’s query about the NSA/CIA issue (alleged issue) with MUFON.

    Example as to why this is an issue: Say, for example, an experiencer wants to report an event and chooses MUFON within which to file a report. This experiencer may have ties to intelligence, either through direct affiliation and/or a family member. This experiencer may decide to go ahead and check off that box on the form which indicates his/her information may be shared with an outside, third-party source NOT connected to MUFON.

    Where does that information GO? With whom is this information being shared? Other intelligence agencies? Agents? Who?

    As Elaine stated in her interview, I believe it was, with Jerry Pippin: SOME of these experiencers are more high profile than others for various reasons. MILABS are a serious issue for some of these experiencers. And as Elaine stated in her interview, her concern that one of these experiencers would find himself/herself embedded in a MILAB event because of a report he/she may have filed with MUFON, was of concern to her.

    So Harzan can sit there and state with remarkable sincerity that they only want to get at this ‘problem’ with UFOs, ETs, etc., in a scientific way, but the fact of the matter is this issue is far more complex than he indicates in that interview.

    Just my .02 worth, but nonetheless, to those of us a bit more nuanced with this issue than perhaps you all here at J3Films are, this is a huge concern re: MUFON and its activities.

  2. Not to belabor a point, but here is a snip taken from the link above in my prior comment:

    …”Lieutenant Commander Thomas P. Deuley, US Navy, Retired, has an impressive resume and long history in ufology. One of his many bios circulating through the UFO community states he holds an engineering degree from Auburn and a degree in advertising from San Antonio College. He has a diverse background in military affairs including security and intelligence. A former National Security Agency employee, Deuley has presented information to the UFO community on a variety of topics.

    Deuley is a long time member of the MUFON board of directors. He also held key positions within additional UFO organizations and resulting projects, including the Fund for UFO Research, the UFO Research Coalition and the ill fated Ambient Monitoring Project, a program drawing substantial criticism, among other reasons, for its lack of transparency…”

    Perhaps MUFON really is trying to change from the inside, i.e., as in becoming more transparent in its dealings with the public on this issue. But from what I can see, it’s still more or less business as usual. I don’t honestly see that Elaine Douglass’ concerns, nor the concerns of several of the other directors/field investigators that have left MUFON, have been sufficiently addressed.

    I found it interesting that Jan Harzan states at the end of his interview that he would love to see a world which evolves around Truth and not lies.

    I wholeheartedly agree and literally clapped my hands together when I heard him state this. But having heard him say this, I would pointedly remark that Truth starts with all of us as individuals. MUFON needs to be as transparent and as honestly/forthcoming with its public as it is stating, via its International Director, it would like to see the world, become.

    One of ufology’s major researchers, Richard Dolan, spoke out about MUFON’s issues at was to become one of his last speaking engagements at a MUFON conference. He spoke eloquently and from the heart when he discussed what he saw at that time as to some of the issues surrounding MUFON and its board of directors.

    At the same time, I will say that given this issue with UFOs/ETs/abductions IS a national security issue, it should be NO surprise that intelligence agencies have infiltrated almost all the major UFO groups in this country and around the world.

    This IS a national security issue and given that fact, it would be utterly naive for anyone to believe that our intelligence agencies WOULDN’T have a back door situation going on with these groups.

    Food for thought…

  3. One more comment:

    In reading through the link I’ve provided, it is clear the intent behind this blog was to smear MUFON’s name by insinuating various claims within its content. In reading through various blogs and written statements of both James Carrion and Jack Brewer, I think one can certainly see that both these individuals are somewhat skeptical about this entire phenomenon, be it an issue with abductions and/or whether or not UFOs are actually visiting our Earth. I know Mr. Carrion has an intelligence background; I’m not sure about Brewer’s background, only that he certainly seems to come across as very critical of ufology as a whole.

    To be completely fair, it is not easy to come up with the sort of physical evidence these debunkers are apt to say needs to happen in order to prove scientifically this phenomenon is real/valid. This is a complex phenomenon – a spiritual phenomenon – which does not lend itself to the availability of physical evidence per se. This is why this phenomenon is so hard to investigate. We have to rely on witness/experiencer testimony and oft times the validity of the abductees’ memories is skewed for a number of reasons (trauma, PTSD, etc., so forth). And even when there IS physical evidence, it’s not good enough for the debunkers anyway. They’ll claim its hoaxed or otherwise simply not up to standards for science to take a hard look.

    I did like the fact that Harzan mentions a ‘no debunking’ scenario side of the coin as it relates to MUFON’s television series. I’ve never believed that two sides to this issue need to be presented in order to simply present the Truth as it pertains to this subject. I realize there are hoaxers who will infiltrate and use a podium to spew complete garbage, but I don’t think this is the majority of those that have been brave enough to come forward and tell their stories.

    1. Given the above links, that ‘proof’ you offer is pretty subjective. Jan seems like a nice guy. But it’s quite clear Mr. Harzan has had various interactions with Mr. Bigelow and for that very reason, I don’t trust either Mr. Harzan or MUFON to a certain degree.

      I’ve performed a fair amount of research/reading re the MUFON issue. I’ve listened to Chase Kloetzke’s interviews and all of Elaine Douglass’ interviews regarding the MUFON situation.

      I also worked with MUFON years ago re my own personal experiences. To-date, I am not at all impressed with this organization.

      Let’s also not forget the John Carpenter ‘affair,’ an ongoing investigation of which is thoroughly documented at the blogsite “The UFO Trail.”

      So I’m going by my own considerable reading/research into this organization and my own personal experiences (which obviously counts for something I would think).

      There are far too many issues with MUFON to get into, in its complete breadth and scope, here.

  4. Not buying your take on what could be just pickiness – we live and real world and you need to co-operate and make compromises. I think you are too narrowly focused to see the big picture. You are of course entitled to your opinion but I think he is doing a good job.

  5. “I think you are too narrowly focused to see the big picture. ”

    I understand the Big Picture far better than you realize, believe me. This UFO issue is FAR BIGGER and more complex than most understand. Truth is hard to come by, most especially with this phenomenon, but as long as Man and his Ego continue to delve into this issue, the Truth will remain illusory.

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