Alien-Human Hybrids: What are the Implications?

05-27-09 ET Little Girl CU Low ResDuring our five-year journey down the rabbit hole that was creating “extraordinary: the stan romanek story,” one of the most interesting revelations was the possibility that alien-human hybrids have indeed been created as a result of an extraterrestrial hybridization program that has been operating for decades, if not millennia.

Some of the first-hand accounts, and evidence, we were privy to (and shared in the documentary) was not only compelling but also paradigm shifting in that if true, the human race is dealing with a situation that goes far beyond the mere existence of “other” intelligent life in the universe.

3-29-10 Aztec Child - Contrast ECU Low ResThe question of “how” can be debated forever with no clear answers because, quite frankly, our current science doesn’t allow for the successful hybridization of two highly-evolved, intelligent lifeforms (albeit one much more highly-evolved and intelligent than the other). However, the question of “why” is one that has more fascinating, and possibly terrifying, implications as it applies to humanity.

If we assume, for the sake of this blog post, that alien-human hybrids do exist as a result of a concerted effort on the part of an extraterrestrial (or inter dimensional) race, then let’s ask the question “why?” and attempt to come up with some objective answers (both optimistic and pessimistic).

Answer #1 (optimistic): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids for the good of humanity. These beings possess the best of humanity (compassion, spirituality) and the extraterrestrial race (intelligence, ability to exist in various dimensions, etc.), and will lead humanity out of its current crisis (global warming, war, disease, etc.) and into a new age of evolution and enlightenment.

ANIMAHybridbyBridgetNielsenAnswer #2 (pessimistic): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids in order to take over the human race and our planet. As far as the extraterrestrials are concerning, we are a primitive, violent race that is destroying a beautiful and bountiful planet and we all deserve to die (wouldn’t necessarily blame them for thinking this).  These hybrids have already been integrated into our global society and will eventually take over as we continue to destroy ourselves.

Answer #3 (neutral): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids because their species is dying off and they need to re-populate their home planet with a hybrid species that can both reproduce and survive biologically on their home planet. Yes, the abduction experiences are horrifying for humans, but it is a justifiable means to an end  – SAVING THEIR SPECIES.

Clarion_Human_Extraterrestrial_Alien_Racewmv__115964Answer #4 (neutral): An extraterrestrial race, or races, are creating alien-human hybrids because they can. It is simply a scientific exercise for them. As we find ways to clone sheep, travel to Mars and cure diseases, the extraterrestrials are bending space time  and creating hybrid species on the planets they visit.

Fascinating food for thought. Your comments are welcome.

6 thoughts on “Alien-Human Hybrids: What are the Implications?”

  1. Hard to say, since, as you mentioned, we can’t really know. My opinion is that they try to bring some human qualities to their own kind. I.e. some mild emotions, the ability to communicate with our body, voice and mind and some other traits that we might have wich they don’t. But of course, this is all speculation.

  2. I tend to agree with that. The best qualities of both species. Based on accounts from abductees who are shown their “children” during subsequent abductions, these children are very loving and caring. So if these accounts are real, then it may be safe to say that these hybrids do indeed possess human emotional capacity. The bonus, based on other first-hand accounts, is that they can also communicate telepathically, are much more intelligent than your average human and can somehow phase in and out of our dimensional realm. : )

  3. I think they have mastered space-time and are anywhere they want to be when they want to be. I also believe while we are mostly a curiosity to experiment with it is as they have told Stan that they find something unique or special about our makeup that causes them to interfere just enough so we don’t annihilate ourselves. The interbreeding and abductions I see as a way for them to integrate or try to get some of that special quality they are either lacking or don’t understand. I also think we give them too much credit for understanding how we see the universe. Technological superiority guarantees nothing about wisdom or feelings or other thought or mental processes.

    Again their presence and experiments may just be a way they believe to get to that understanding.

    I also believe we [governments?] may be doing some of our own interbreeding and experiments of captured aliens for very different OR similar reasons.

  4. Jack – I hope you find some time to have more interviews – really enjoyed most of them and appreciate you making the effort to bring them to us!

  5. Good article…my thoughts on the hybrid program:

    “Walking Among Us” by Dr David Jacobs….
    Many stories from his case-studies suggest there is an integration program of what Dr Jacobs refers to as “Hubrids” into our society…these beings pass as 100% human in appearance, but lack many social skills and cultural knowledge of day to day human life (at the present time) and rely upon their human teachers whom were formally abductees during the earlier stages of the “Alien” program.

    Hubrids posses many traits we don’t, those mainly being the ability to somehow exert neurological control over us when deemed necessary…the ability to use “mind-control” and insert “screen-memories” (for more detailed information one must read his book).

    According to the overwhelming majority of both Dr Jacobs and Bud Hopkins (R.I.P) case-studies, these abductees are coerced into aiding a terrifying resettlement agenda of the hubrids into our cities all over the world.

    I recall Richard Dolan reciting an experience of a personal friend of his (Lisa), who had embarked on a train journey between Stratford-upon-Avon and Swansea, she claims to have had an extremely odd experience on the coach she was travelling on (, this almost confirms to me that maybe there is something to the idea of an integration program.

    All of the abductees talk now of something called “the change” or “when the change comes” and how they have some sort of roll to play, even though they aren’t sure what that is. My final shock came when I read about an event in “Walking Among Us” where a group of hubrids get into a tight and potentially violent situation with some young teenagers in a park for acting oddly…this was avoided by the hubrids exerting neurological “control” not only over their potential assailants but also the observing witnesses…this according to the abductee took some effort “collectively”…Now this is my point in putting this scatter gun of thoughts down here, consider this, more hubrids more abilities that would form a “Neural-Network” of control collectively…and maybe that is one of their ultimate goals, planetary acquisition by stealth…and as for us? Well I’m not much about the “love and light” side of ufology…for very personal reasons that I don’t wish to get into…

  6. It would be nice to think change is coming and while it maybe this kind of change is not even on the horizon. Most people are too busy trying to keep their heads above water and debt to put any value on this and that is too bad. it would change everything but I am not so sure all for the “better” of everyone.

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